Article 75. (New) The Lao People's Democratic Republic is divided into three levels of local administration, namely provinces, districts and villages. 

The provincial level consists of provinces and cities;

The district level consists of districts and municipalities; [and]

The village level consists of villages.

Provinces are [governed by] governors, cities are [governed by] governors of cities, districts are [governed by] mayors, municipalities are [governed by] chiefs of municipalities and villages are [administered by] village chiefs.

Governors, mayors, chiefs of municipalities and village chiefs have deputies to assist them in their work.

If it deems it necessary, the National Assembly may decide to establish a Special Zone.  The Special Zone is equivalent to a province.

Article 76. (New) The governors of provinces and cities and the mayors of districts have the following rights and duties:

1.   To ensure the implementation of the Constitution and the laws, and to implement decisions and orders issued by higher-level authorities;

2.   To guide and oversee the activities of all sectoral [organisations] and all levels of authorities under their jurisdiction;

3.   To suspend or cancel the decisions of sectoral [organisations] at their own or lower levels, which contradict the laws and regulations;

4.   To manage citizens [and,] within the scope of their rights and powers under the laws, to consider and resolve the complaints and proposals of the people; [and]

5.   To exercise such other rights and perform such other duties as provided by the laws.

Article 77. (New) The chiefs of municipalities have the rights and duties to plan, implement and administer urban development and public services throughout the municipality, to ensure order and cleanliness[1] in accordance with urban planning, and to exercise such other rights and perform such other duties as provided by the laws and regulations.

Article 78. The village chiefs have the responsibility to organise the implementation of the laws, decisions and orders of the State, to maintain the peace and public order of the village, and to develop the villages in all fields.


[1] The Lao word has the connotation of ?clean and beautiful?.